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Local CEO Shares How He Finds Undiscovered Talent

If you are open to hiring from a diverse applicant pool including people with arrest or conviction records, you may ask, what next? CEO Mike Hannigan shares his best practices for successfully hiring from this undiscovered talent pool in Alameda County.

Los Angeles Looks to Expand Its Hiring Pool to Include People with Records

So people with criminal records are not automatically rejected when they apply for jobs, Los Angeles City Councilman Curren Price proposed Friday that employers be asked to conduct background checks only after a candidate has been found to be qualified, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Price said people who have had trouble with the law are often disqualified before they can even really begin the job application process. That makes it especially difficult for those who’ve been incarcerated to re-enter society.

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Hiring People with Records Can Help Your Bottomline

Did you know that your business could save thousands of dollars by hiring a new employee with an arrest or conviction on their record? In this video, CEO Mike Hannigan talks about how he takes advantage of wage subsidies and tax incentives to help his bottom line.

Hannigan is the co-founder and president of Give Something Back Office Supplies, California’s largest independent office supply company, with more than 100 employees.

Hannigan says, “Smart businesses will take full advantage of all the available subsidies and tax incentives for hiring people with felonies. With good hiring decisions, these will more than make up for any additional time that may be required to bring these new employees up to full productivity. It’s been great for our bottom line and contributes to the overall strength and competitiveness of our workforce. Plus, we are doing the right thing for the community, which counts as a big competitive advantage these days.”

Watch Hannigan talk about how employer subsidies and tax incentives have helped Give Something Back.

To find out more about the overall benefits to your company from hiring people with records and the undiscovered talent you may be missing out on, read Six Reasons to Hire a Person with a Record.

Movement to Expand Workforce and Find Untapped Talent is Growing Nationwide

Jared Bernstein, a former chief economist to Vice President Biden, is a senior fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and author of the forthcoming book ‘The Reconnection Agenda: Reuniting Growth and Prosperity.’

One of the things I think about most in economic policy is how to get to full employment, defined as a very tight matchup between the number of jobs and job seekers. What is the policy agenda that will help generate an adequate quantity of quality jobs?

What’s that? We’re already just about there (i.e., at full employment)?

No way. True, the unemployment rate as measured is within spitting distance of the rate the Fed and the Congressional Budget Office argue is the lowest it can go without triggering inflation (the so-called “natural rate” of unemployment). But as I’ve argued in various places, that number is too high.

So, with that in mind, I’d like to introduce a new feature: Paths to Full Employment. Each week or so, I’ll highlight a policy idea designed to move the U.S. labor market in that direction.

To kick things off, consider the following: We cannot get to and stay at full employment without a strategy to help those with criminal records find jobs.

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