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Local CEO Shares How He Finds Undiscovered Talent

If you are open to hiring from a diverse applicant pool including people with arrest or conviction records, you may ask, what next? CEO Mike Hannigan shares his best practices for successfully hiring from this undiscovered talent pool in Alameda County.

Hiring People with Records Can Help Your Bottomline

Did you know that your business could save thousands of dollars by hiring a new employee with an arrest or conviction on their record? In this video, CEO Mike Hannigan talks about how he takes advantage of wage subsidies and tax incentives to help his bottom line.

Hannigan is the co-founder and president of Give Something Back Office Supplies, California’s largest independent office supply company, with more than 100 employees.

Hannigan says, “Smart businesses will take full advantage of all the available subsidies and tax incentives for hiring people with felonies. With good hiring decisions, these will more than make up for any additional time that may be required to bring these new employees up to full productivity. It’s been great for our bottom line and contributes to the overall strength and competitiveness of our workforce. Plus, we are doing the right thing for the community, which counts as a big competitive advantage these days.”

Watch Hannigan talk about how employer subsidies and tax incentives have helped Give Something Back.

To find out more about the overall benefits to your company from hiring people with records and the undiscovered talent you may be missing out on, read Six Reasons to Hire a Person with a Record.

California’s Third Largest Office Supply Company Thriving with Employees with Records

Mike Hannigan, CEO of Give Something Back Office Supplies, discusses why people with records benefit his company’s bottomline,With 9.2 million jobs open, could your business benefit from tapping this undiscovered talent pool?

You Can Help Your Bottom-Line By Hiring People With Records

Employers that hire people with an arrest or conviction record can receive wage subsidies along with a range of state and federal tax credits. These can save your company thousands of dollars per new employee.

Who Has A Record

Who Has A Record? Anyone. Over 1 in 4 U.S. adults have a record, which is 70 million of 235 million U.S. adults. We must end the stigma of people with records, they have paid their debt to society and should be given a chance to prove they can get the job done like everyone else.